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The Chi business opportunity is based on the idea of bringing a deeper level of cleaning to the personal environments that people spend their days in.  This deeper level of cleaning involves equipment that is able to create nano-droplets (down to 1 to 4 microns), and proprietary cleaning and deodorizing technologies.  

Industry Leading Deodorizing Technologies

Our primary customer base are people who want a deeper level of clean and those who want to have odors they find unpleasant removed.

How do we remove odors from personal spaces?

  1. The first thing that needs to be done is to kill any organic sources of odors.  We use anti-microbial cleaners that are used on food preparation surfaces.  We use these because they are proven effective and have low reactivity in humans and pets.  You ingest cleaners like this when you eat out and we know if you can eat it, you can safely be in spaces cleaned with it.  We have selected cleaners that do not impart their own odors like chlorine products do.
  2. The next thing that needs to be done is to encapsulate any remaining elements that may remain.  The encapsulating technologies prevent your nose from discerning the odor.
  3. Lastly, for customers who want a preferred fragrance, we use functional fragrances to create  a desired mood in the space.

Why Use Nano-droplet Creating Equipment?

The problem with traditional cleaning is that it depends on how conscientious the person is to wipe all of a surface.  The person cleaning is also limited by the space that they can get their hand or brush to.  

The biggest reservoir of micro-organisms and odors are the soft surfaces in a space.  Floor coverings, drapery, furniture all provide difficult to clean and treat surfaces.

Finally, the air that is in the space itself is carrying micro-organisms and other odor elements that remain even if the the surfaces within the space are cleaned.

Nano-droplets that are 1 to 4 microns big are able to travel anywhere air can go and penetrate the soft surfaces in the space to treat micro-organisms and odors that previously could not be treated.

The cleaner droplets are in contact with the full volume of air in the space and is able to treat the micro-organisms and odors within the space so the surfaces aren't re-contaminated.

What are the Target markets?

The markets that our distributors can build their income around are many and involve any personal environments that people are in.  Chi's "AthleKleen" product line also allows for retail and direct sale opportunities to workout warriors and all levels of athletes.  Our vehicle care line opens opportunities for sales to new and used vehicle dealerships, repair shops, vehicle detailers, car washes and fleets that provides daily repeat orders.

Here are a few of the market segments that you can pursue:

  • New car dealerships
  • Vehicle repair facilities
  • Fleets/trucking companies
  • Ride share operators
  • Personal vehicles
  • Homeowners
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Apartment management companies
  • Commercial property managers and owners
  • Car rental locations
  • Boat owners
  • RV owners
  • Movie theaters
  • Fitness facilities
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Used car dealers
  • Used truck dealers
  • Truck stops
  • Used boat dealers
  • Youth athletic leagues and teams and fundraisers
  • School fundraising programs
  • Private plane owners 
  • And many more

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Franchise-like Support

We have been improving personal environments for over 14 years so we have a well-developed program for sales and marketing and we will provide on site sales support to get you started.  You will be a licensed user of our logo and images.   

We will provide you with a full business plan from initial pre-launch activities, to launch and then ongoing.

We are currently in process of upgrading our online efforts and video training and marketing efforts.  Stay tuned. 

Above Average Income in an Enjoyable Business

Our Chi products and services offer above average margins because of their proprietary nature, and they are a "consumable" item so regular, repeat orders drive sales and cash flow growth.  

Have a true family business that will allow you to live well and meet your family's needs and wants, while providing very popular products and services.