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Chi Product Line

Chi Product Line

Chi Product Line


Chi offers a number of products that are used by our technicians to do cleaning and deodorizing and that are available for sale to our customers.  

Chi QA - A quaternary ammonium-based cleaner that we use for treating AC mold and for deodorizing mold and mildew-related odors.  Available in 3.38 oz/100 ml bottles for use in our ultra-sonic machines, 32 oz spray bottles and 2.5 gallon jugs with faucets.

Chi SNT - Our most effective odor treatment for all odors.  SNT was originally developed for tobacco and marijuana smoke odors (Smoke 'N Tar is the name) but is amazingly successful for all odors.  SNT is also quaternary ammonium-based for treating microorganisms.  SNT has a proprietary odor treatment technology sourced from Europe that is the most effective in the market.  SNT is available in 32 oz spray bottles and 2.5 gallon jugs with a faucet.

Chi Signature Fragrance Oils - Many customers want a specific, long lasting fragrance in their personal spaces.  Chi offers fragrance oils with proprietary odor encapsulating properties.  Chi maintains fragrances that are "in style" with current trends. 

Chi Signature Vent Clips - Many of our customers enjoy fragrances for their vehicles.  Chi offers a full line of popular vent clip scents.

Chi AthleKleen - A product designed specifically for treating body odors in athletic shoes and equipment.  The sales of the product generates donations to youth sports organizations.

Chi Services

Chi Product Line

Chi Product Line

Chi van, de-odorizing services

Chi technicians will provide "deeper level clean" and deodorizing services for virtually any space up to 200,000 ft.  Nano-droplet generating equipment can quickly fog the largest spaces in 20 minutes to 1 hour.  

Houses, apartments, offices, theaters, restaurants and bars, vehicles, RVs, boats, semi's, fitness facilities, school rooms, etc. can all be treated by our technicians, quickly, cost-effectively and effectively.