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Used Car Reconditioning

Used Car Reconditioning


Over the past 14 years Chi has optimized its program for new car dealership service aisles and independent repair shops.


8 Reasons Why Vehicle Repair Locations Should Be Offering 

Chi Personal Environment Services

1.Lower rates of new car sales (lower car count) and less maintenance and repair business requires new profit centers

2.Customers want it and the demand is increasing – high close rates – hand sanitizer sales were $33 million in US in 2004, expected to top $400 million in 2015. 

3.It is easy to identify who will buy (see left) 

4.It is a high frequency service (every 6 months like most oil changes)

5.It is a high margin, high effective labor rate service

6.It builds additional sales and profits for cabin air filters

7.The aftermarket is aggressively targeting it (especially after COVID-19 

8.We have proven we have the tools and experience to make you successful - many dealerships doing 50 – 200+/month

 Any Advisor Can Sell 40+ Per Month by Presenting Chi to These Obvious Buyers


Add 5 More Labor Hours/100 Cars by Writing Chi on ROs:

1.Recommend at every cabin air filter (CAF) inspection and CAF replacement interval


2.Recommend for cars with child seats – the mold generated in a car by the AC is the same as is found in wet drywall – mycotoxins released by mold attacks cell linings – have the most impact and longest effects on children 

3.Recommend to every car with any air freshener – there is a reason it is in there and Chi addresses it 

4.Recommend to every car with hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes – their presence tells you the customer wants the car sanitized 

5.Recommend for the car of pet owners – they love their pets, not the odors, and would like the car sanitized 

6.Recommend for cars of business people (car has laptop, magnetic sign on it for business, briefcase, etc.) 

7.Recommend for cars with obvious AC odors ● 

Bottom Line: The dealers that do 100-200+ per month package Chi with cabin air filters, inspect and show filters to customers

If you don’t tell customers about it, they can’t buy it!


Used Car Reconditioning

Used Car Reconditioning

Used Car Reconditioning


Chi's program is most profitable in new car dealerships that can use Chi on their used cars to make the vehicle more attractive for purchase and then use a first free reapplication of the product to drive used car retention for the service department.

Chi will provide ultra-sonic machines for treating vehicles, and signage for each vehicle treated.

Retailing a whole lot of cars that are free of odors and with a consistent, light fragrance eliminates one of the main causes of lost sales, and diminishes the thought in customers' minds that someone else lived in that vehicle.

A bad odor in a vehicle causes a customer to start questioning everything else on the vehicle.

Chi also creates the opportunity for a built in prepaid service program to bring customers back twice a year to your service department for 4 to 5 years.