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CHI = Certified Healthier Interior

We regularly clean the surfaces in our home but odors often persist because the air in the home cannot be cleaned at the same time as all of the surfaces.  The air in a space acquires the odors of the surfaces.

Our use of equipment that allows us to "fog" a space with nano-droplets allows us to use the HVAC system in your house to fog all rooms and then to "air out" a large home in 3 to 4 hours.

food, body, pets and other


Kitchen Odors

Your favorite spices, or burned food can cause the whole house to smell unwelcoming.


Bathroom Odors

While bathrooms are used for cleaning they are also used for other functions that are more odoriferous.  Showers also create humidity that can also cause mold, mildew and related odors.  


Pet Odors

Our beloved friends can often create odors much larger than their bodies.  Our cleaners have proven very effective on even the worst pet odors.